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$500 Dollars off your Wedding Plus a Free Engagement Session.

Updated: Dec 11, 2020

I've been asking myself lately what I can do to help with all of this COVID-19 craziness. I'm no longer a health care provider so I can't be out on the front lines in hospitals anymore and I'm not a millionaire so I can't hand out $10,000 checks to families and small businesses in need. Of course quarantining myself and taking the necessary precautions is definitely doing my part but, I'm somebody who likes to make a difference in every way I possibly can. I know everyone is going to answer this question differently but here is my answer. For however long we're in this unfortunate circumstance for, my opal collection is $100 off and all of my other Wedding collections (Amber, Lapis, Onyx) are $500 off their original price and each package will include a Free Engagement Session. I know giving out discounts to people who still want to have their wedding in the future is the least of the world's problems right now, but I'm not a doctor and unfortunately I can't help find a cure. What I can do is make it easier for couples who still want to celebrate their love so when the world does spin again, it's filled with hope and new beginnings.

If you're interested in this offer, head over to the "Say Hey" tab of my website, fill out a form and lets get in touch!

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