So, I've been shooting for a long time now and I have found what I love shooting the most. Below are the things I am most passionate about!


This is definitely one of my all time favorite things to shoot. Not only do we get to hang out and basically become best friends, the images that come out of shoots like these are intimate, Exciting, and interesting. Your personality and overall love for each-other pops through your images. On top of that, the sky is the limit in terms of overall creativity! We could take a plane to Italy or backpack Yosemite to get those tasty sunset views. maybe you two could get all cute and cuddly around the fire place with your fur babies!? Ever wanted to get naked and run down the middle of the street holding hands. Yeah me to don't worry. You Can see how endless the possibility's are right!? Yeah, its pretty awesome...    


Weddings have such a wide array of feeling and emotion. For a lot of families it is a time to reflect, reminisce, and to get hyped about their future together. There is no other event in the world that highlights almost every single human emotion and it's honestly kind of crazy if you think about it! I can not tell you how many times I've been behind the camera at a wedding where one moment I was laughing hysterically at either the bridesmaids speech and then at the drop of a hat I was in tears. As weird as this may sound, it is what I love most about my craft. I love capturing all of that emotion. The love, the Loss, triumphant victory's, the hardships... Not to mention the crazy party pics.     

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