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If you haven’t heard about Adobes New Picture Profile update, the time is now to jump on this powerful way of image processing. Included with "GageingLife Preset & Profile Pack V1" are 8 corresponding Picture Profiles and 9 Presets to get you on the right track to taking advantage of this new feature. As you click through the Presets, you will notice that a Profile is loaded along with it, which can also be accessed through the Profile browser. The best part about Profiles, is that they act just like a “layer” above your Presets and allow you to adjust the strength or amount! So, for instance, when you click on the "Coffee Time" Preset, it will load the “Grind” Profile, which you can then adjust the amount slider, increasing or decreasing the opacity of the profile.


GageingLife Profiles can also be used on their own without a Preset, or they can be mixed/matched with other Presets you may already have, or future GageingLife Presets. When using these Presets, you can choose a different Profile by simply clicking on one of the GageingLife Presets, then accessing the Profile Browser, and selecting a different Profile.

GageingLife Lr + Ps Presets & Profile Pack 1

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